A Friendly Place to Stay

Your hosts Paul and Connie Calamari invite you to enjoy a night, a weekend or longer in the friendly surroundings of central Wisconsin. The Crossroads Motel offers a peaceful, secluded, park like setting amidst 10 acres of oak and pine trees.

Click for interactive map

Click for interactive map


“”Thanks for making our stay comfortable and clean.”
“It is very warm and friendly.”
“Your cabins are clean, clean, clean.”
“Had a lovely stay. Just the right touches.”
“Absolutely fabulous motel! Better than the chains. Thank you.” D. R. – Cincinnati, Ohio
“Thank you for a great room. You do an excellent job and we will be back next year. I will highly recommend Crossroads if I         get the opportunity.” M.W.
“Thank you – A very warm and nice place. God bless you.” J. M. – Racine WI
“Thank you – very nice room – loved the location – peaceful! God bless in all you do.”
“I will never forget how nice you were to me.” – Tara
“Had a wonderful weekend with friends in Oxford, a lot due to your accommodations. we were pleased with the courtesy, and the cleanliness of the room. We have stayed in expensive motels that do not hold a candle to your place. We will certainly be returning. Thank you.” – J & R

Even the local birds enjoy staying at the Crossroads




For more information please call
Daniel G. Roseliep, CPM
ALTUS Commercial Real Estate

* Our business remains open during this time click for info
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